Unframed I
Cortex Frontal, Portugal, 2017

I have been questioning the boundaries of self-awareness in modern society and trying to find out who we truly are as individuals, and what happens inside our inner worlds- our ‘boxes’. 
For almost half a year I have been working on collection ‘Inside The Box’, trying to answer questions:
What determines our inner worlds?
How much of our inner worlds do we share with others?
How much influence does our environment have on our lives and in forming our character?

‘Unframed I’ is the first installation from my collection ‘Inside The Box’.
What interests me in ‘Unframed I’ is, the concept of an uninfluenced and original life? Is there such a concept at all? If there is, what one would look like?
Mostly, I am interested in unavoidable frames that we have no power or control over.

‘Unframed I’ is an installation that I created at Cortex Frontal residency. It gave me an opportunity to collect my thoughts and fully immerse myself into the concept of individuality.
I decided to make a stranger’s box, to work with the unknown. I used a 10 meter long unstretched canvas to represent the continuous lifespan of the ‘stranger’s box’. I wanted to make this box universal and applicable to anyone, and I therefore tried to resist any possible personification.
‘Unframed I’ is composed of three elements- birth, life and death. I was curious to see how these three elements correspond to my questions.
Could we tell the difference between a framed and unframed life when looking through the most basic prism of birth, life and death?
Could these three segments be frames on their own? Could they be manipulated, could we escape them?
How does ‘birth, life and death’ differ from each other?
Would we, as individuals, exist at all if not for these frames?
Would we know who we are without this ‘set of standards’?

 ‘Unframed I’ is my attempt to study a stranger’s box through the prism of inescapable events- birth, life and death. I wanted to make the viewers question their own ‘box’. As always, the most important part of my project is it’s interaction with the viewer. Exactly this organic relationship, in my opinion, finalizes my work.

I am thrilled to give ‘Unframed I’ and its storyline of development ​to you, the viewer, and let you get carried away by creating or breaking your frames, asking or answering the questions and experiencing the concept of ‘inside the box’.